Friday, July 18, 2014

38 weeks

How far along? 38 weeks!!   I can hardly believe it...
Total weight gain: another lb.  thinking I'll finish out closer to 40 lbs. total this time.  Yikes.  Ha
Stretch marks? still squeaking by with none...
Sleep: some nights are really good and some nights are awful, so I'm just taking what I can get
Best moment this week: starting maternity leave.  Yay!!  Wednesday was my last day.
Movement: yes, but she is running out of room
Food cravings: coke zero and cereal...not together.  Ha.
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: been having some irregular contractions.  And at my Dr. appt yesterday I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced.  So exciting to me!!
Belly Button in or out? out
What I miss: being comfortable, bending over, clothes that fit...I'm getting to that point.  Ha.
What I am looking forward to: finishing up the to do list this weekend -- prob should install the car seat, assemble  some baby items, pack a bag.  Ha.  We've basically done nothing in that regard.  Lots to do!
Milestones: Induction is scheduled for next Wednesday, 7/23.  I'll be 39 weeks.  And this is only a week early but I feel like I have so much to do and am so unprepared!  And only 4.5 days left to do it all.  And I'm starting to get that sick, nervous feeling worrying about the boys.  Which I know is so crazy, because I KNOW it will all be fine.  Better than fine, it will be incredible because I'm not sure there is anything better than family and siblings.  But still, it's a mama's job to worry about her babies.  So I'll probably worry for the next several days and come Wednesday after our girl is here, everything will undoubtedly be just as it should.

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