Saturday, August 23, 2014

Miller Kate || 1 month old

Dear Miller Kate,
I can hardly believe you are already one month old.  It's been the best month since you've joined our family and you are the perfect little addition.  We have all become pretty obsessed with you, our little sister!
You are growing like a weed.  You are a really great eater and you nurse every 2.5-4 hours - just depends.  And I'm totally just following your lead, we don't really have a schedule, per say, but I know we'll eventually get there.  We weighed you at home and you are around 10 lbs. and close to 21 inches.  You just moved into size 1 diapers and are starting to wear more 0-3 months.  The newborn stage sure goes quickly!
You are a really good baby.  You are very content and put up with lots of noise and lots of hugs and don't get much personal space but you don't seem to mind!  You are staying awake more and more.  Usually about an hour after you eat and then you sleep for a couple of hours before you wake up hungry again.  You do like to be held, but what baby doesn't.  And I don't mind! ;)
You aren't taking a paci.  We've tried some but you mostly just gag on it so we'll see if you eventually become a fan.  You like to be on your belly, I think it makes your tummy feel better. 
It's such a privilege to have you as our daughter!  You'll never know what a blessing you are to our family! 
I love you precious girl!
Some pictures of you at 1 month old:

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Kathy Jo said...

OH MY!!! She is SUCH a little DOLL!!!!!! And growing sooo fast!! I see Saw and Grahammy in her sweet little face! I know those boys love their sweet sister soo much!!! I can't wait to cover her with kisses!!

Much love to you all!!