Friday, August 1, 2014

Miller Kate || a birth story

So, I want to recap the special day our girl was born.  I love looking back at these days and having all the details in writing is special because let's be memory isn't what it used to be.
I guess it originally started at my 38 week appointment.  I was 2cm dilated and 80% thinned out so we started talking induction since I was making some progress and we didn't want her to get too big.  After checking with the hospital on availability it was determined I would be induced the following Wednesday, July 23rd.  Holy smokes, things got real!  I spent the next several days hammering away at my to do list and spending some special time with the boys!  Our families arrived on Tuesday and before we knew it it was Wednesday morning and time to head to the hospital.
We got to the hospital about 7:45 and were taken back to our room a little after 8.  I had 2 nurses (1 was a student) and they immediately got to work getting things going.  I was all hooked up and in the bed by 8:30 and the Pitocin was started soon after.  My doctor came by a little before 9 and checked me and I was 3cm and 80% thinned out.  He went ahead and broke my water and holy water.  I've always said I would love to just go into labor and my water break on it's own but now I'm kinda glad it didn't because man, it was a ton of fluid.  He talked to us for a few minutes and basically said it would probably take a while to get to a 5-6 but from that point would go super fast and I'd probably have a baby in my arms within an hour of hitting that point. 
I was optimistic things might progress quickly because I had made some progress on my own, been having contractions for a couple weeks and had some other signs of labor that I'll spare you.  I was feeling good and the contractions were coming pretty consistently but tolerable.  Around 10:30 they were getting slightly more uncomfortable, on a scale of 1-10 maybe a 4.  So I asked my nurse about the epidural.  She said it would probably take an hour to get it once I requested.  Good to know.  She decided to check me because we (I) wanted to make some progress before I got it.  At that point (around 11am) I was a 4-5 so I decided to go ahead and get the epidural.  The pain was bearable but I knew in an hour it would be even worse and I figured I was getting anyway so why wait.  I got the epidural around 11:45.  It was a little uncomfortable getting it (obviously, ha) but not too bad.  It was perfect too.  I wasn't in any pain but I could still feel my legs and the pressure of strong contractions and still had some movement.
At this point I was feeling good and just visiting with everyone.  All of our families had been up there for a little while and would trickle back and forth between our room and the waiting room.  The boys (especially Sawyer) weren't too sure about seeing mommy in the hospital bed with iv's and hooked up to machines.  It was sad to see them so worried about me.  They were just REALLY anxious for baby sister to come out of my tummy.  The nurses were in and out checking on me and rotating me from side to side.  They also rotated having my legs propped up in the stirrups to open the birth canal. 
They checked me again around 1:30pm and I was still around a 5.  I was a little discouraged because I was kinda hoping to have a baby soon.  But I was feeling pretty good and just trying to stay positive.  They came back a hour or so later to rotate me and adjust the heart monitors on my belly.  The student nurse flipped me to my left side and then had trouble getting the monitors to pick up her heartbeat.  I honestly didn't think anything about it until my main nurse said I don't think she likes your left side so let's flip you back over.  Oh, and let's put this oxygen on you too because her heart is decaling.  Um, excuse me, what?!  I silently panicked.  My sister and Keith were across the room and I know they could read my eyes - I was thinking this is not good.  This is basically what happened with Sawyer and I ended up having a C-section.
After watching me/her closely for a few minutes it was determined her heart was only decaling when I was having contractions and then immediately coming up.  So they were confident that meant her cord was getting squeezed somehow during contractions and she was making her way down and it was stressing her a little.  They told me not to worry they were watching closely and there was no reason to be alarmed.  They went ahead and checked me and said I was a good 6.  This was close to 3pm.  They also said my Dr. was there delivering another baby and they would update him and have him come check on me.
He came by a little before 4 and it had been about an hour since the last time I was checked.  He decided to go ahead and check me and I was complete and ready to push.  I wasn't entirely surprised because I had been feeling some pressure for about 30 mins or so but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure and was second guessing, I'm not sure really but didn't matter because it was go time now.  And things started happening, fast!  Luckily my nurses had already brought in the table with all the dr's tools.  My nurses were with another mom and my doctor kept telling me to hit the nurse call button and no one was coming and he was not happy.  With her heat decaling we really needed to get her out.  My mom, sister and Henley (who was sleeping) were the only ones in the room at this point.  Keith was in the waiting room with the boys.  My sister jumped up and practically ran to get Keith who kinda blew her off when she said it's time.  He thought like it's to start setting up but instead walked into everything set up and me literally about to start pushing.  My nurses finally got to the room and I started pushing a little after 4.  I pushed for less than 20 minutes but man, I was giving it everything I had.  Keith was so supportive and just kept telling me how great I was doing and how she was almost here.  Like with Graham, I was able to reach down and help deliver her.  It was crazy and weird and miraculous and beautiful.  And at 4:21pm she entered the world and we fell hopelessly in love.
She didn't take a huge breath or let out a good cry for a minute or two.  She was whiny and grunting but not screaming like we wanted.  We gave her a little oxygen and roused her and then she finally started screaming.  Praise the Lord.  The one time you really want your baby to scream as loud and as hard as they can.  She was placed on my chest where she remained for the next hour.  I nursed her and she latched on right away.  And we just snuggled her and marveled at her and said a million times we can't believe she's here, can't believe we have a daughter and can't believe we have 3 kids.  Ha.
Then then nurse came to examine her and clean her up so everyone else could come and welcome her.  Keith went and got Sawyer and Graham first.  I think they were a little in shock.  They couldn't believe how tiny she was and loved "petting' her and looking at her tiny features.  After they loved on her for a few minutes, everyone else came back and we passed her around and took about a million pictures.
It was the best day!  Seriously, the best.  There is nothing better than new life and I'm so thankful I've been blessed with 3 healthy babies and with Keith, who makes it all possible!  My cup runneth over!
Here is the day in pictures!










Eron Miller said...

What a sweet sweet post, congratulations she's absolutely beautiful you have such a precious family!! I loved reading your birth story and seeing all the pictures, can't wait for more updates!!

H2's Mommy said...

Seriously such a great day! So proud of you and so glad you got your girl! I almost got my wish and got to stay in the room! ;)