Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor day weekend

We headed to Birmingham last weekend.  And it was a weekend of first for Miller Kate!  It was her first long trip and first time to Alabama.  Also the first time for her to meet lots of people.  She rocked the long road trip.  Actually they all 3 did.  We split up the drive going and stayed in a hotel.  So, it was her first hotel stay too.  We drove back in 1 day and actually made really good time!  Our kiddos are such awesome little travelers!!
Our weekend was busy like always, trying to visit with family and friends the entire time.  It was also MK's first time to cheer on the Auburn Tigers.  So we were all decked out in our orange and blue!  And I can I just say I'm loving getting to match 3 kids now! ;)
Here are some pictures I snapped with my phone.  I actually left my memory card in my computer at home (a miracle the only thing I forgot!) so I couldn't take pictures with my big camera.  Big thanks to Nonnie for loaning me her card so I could take pics of Graham's birthday party!


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