Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miller Kate || 2 months

Dear Miller Kate,
You are now 2 months old.  It seems both like it's flown by and like you've always been here.  We are all still pretty obsessed with you and we are starting to fall into our new normal as a family of five!
You are a really good baby.  Although you do have a pretty brutal witching hour{s} every night usually between 5-9.  You just do not like to be put down during those hours.  But you are so content the rest of the time that we can't really complain.
You mostly nurse every 4 hours except for the evening (during those witching hours ;))and then you nurse about every 2 hours.  I usually put you to bed between 9-10pm.  And you usually go 5-6 hours during your first long stretch of sleep at night, which is awesome!! Most nights you fall back asleep pretty quickly after you nurse.  During the day you usually stay awake for an hour or so after you nurse and then you snooze for a while.  You take a great morning nap, usually in your swing, which you love!
We go to the doctor this afternoon for your 2 month checkup and your first round of shots.  I'm thinking you weigh around 12 lbs and are around 22 inches long.  You are wearing size 1 diapers and mostly 0-3 month clothes.  You are definitely a great eater!
You are starting to smile more and more and it is the most precious sight!  Not sure there is much better than gummy baby smiles!  We all try our hardest all the time to entice a smile out of you because it's so darn cute!  And you are starting to coo and "talk" to us a little bit.
We love you so much precious girl!  And we are so blessed you are ours!
Here are some pictures of you at 2 months:

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Kathy Jo said...

Can anything be ANY cuter!!!!!???? She is adorable!!!!!! Those cheeks are just pinch-able!!! Kisses to you, Miller Kate!!!!

And I'm sure brother are just infatuated by you!!!! :)

Much love to you all!!