Monday, September 29, 2014

The Fair

We headed to the fair Saturday and it didn't disappoint.  It's something we look forward to every year!  I love this time of year and doing fun family things like this.  And the boys are getting to an age where they really enjoy it.

We got there right when it opened and hit up the petting zoo first.  This is the only picture I have of Sawyer in the petting zoo because 2 seconds later he was done and wanted to go stand with daddy and sis.  In his defense, some of these animals are a little aggressive and bigger than he is!

Gra loved it though.  He's always a fan of a petting zoo!

More Sawyer's speed! ;)

He loved the pony ride!  Saw chose to ride the cable car instead of a pony.  Ha!
Then we headed over to kiddieland so they could do some rides.  This slide was their favorite and they chose to do it twice!

MK's first fair!

We had such a great time!

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