Monday, October 27, 2014

Miller Kate || 3 months

Dear Miller Kate,

You are so much fun at 3 months.  You are really starting to get the cutest personality!  You are so smiley and are starting to laugh and coo.  We just can't get enough of you!

You are a great baby!  You are very content and aren't near as fussy as you used to be!  You are still a great eater.  You nurse every couple of hours.  I'm way more relaxed about a schedule with you, basically just feeding on demand which ranges from every 1.5-4 hours.  You stay awake for an hour or two after you eat and then you snooze.  You take a couple of cat naps during the day and usually one really long nap - like 3 hours or so.  You are sleeping so great at night, some nights even sleeping 8 or 9 hours.  On the nights you wake up you nurse and go right back to sleep.  You are still sleeping in the bassinet beside me. 

You are moving into size 3-6 month clothes and wearing size 2 diapers. You weigh around 14.5 lbs and are 21 inches long.  Healthy girl, for sure! Still no paci (I've given up at this point) but you are starting to suck on your hands some.

You still really like your swing and we've recently started sitting you in the bumbo some which you seem to like.  I just got your activity mat out so you can start laying under it and playing.

You are the perfect little sister for us and we are crazy about you!  We love you bunches!


Some pictures of you at 3 months:

Your biggest brother is OBSESSED with you and wanted to hold you for a picture! :)

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