Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ordinary moments

These are just some everyday ordinary moments that to me aren't ordinary at all.  These are the moments that our days are made of.  And as they say, the days are long but the years are short.  So true - so I've been trying to pick up my camera more to capture just the simple moments.  Because I feel like they are all growing right before my eyes. 
I look at Sawyer sometimes and just can't believe how big he is.  4.5 years sounds like a short time but he is a total big boy - only when he is sleeping do I catch a glimpse of him and think, there is my baby.  Although he will always be my baby!  And at barely 3 Graham goes back and forth. Some moments total big boy and some very much toddler like.  He still loves to be carried and still needs me and some days that can be exhausting but I know the time is slipping away at rapid speed.  And at 2.5 months MK no longer feels like a newborn.  She has changed so much and has become very smiley and starting to laugh and coo.  It's the best!
Here some pictures of our days: arts and crafts, snuggles, playing outside, puzzles, going for walks...

My favorite kind of moments for sure!

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