Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall trip to Gatlinburg

We headed to Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago for some family fun.  We decided instead of doing lots of gifts this year for Christmas we would all take a vacation together.  It was nice to get away for a couple of days and spend some time together.  My dad and Kathy rented a huge chalet for everyone and we had fun just hanging out and doing some fun stuff around town.

The hot tub was a big hit - the kids loved it and Shan and I joined them one night!  Not quite the relaxing hot tub experience but super fun!

We headed to Wonder Works one day and spend several hours going through it.  It's a hands on museum that everyone enjoyed!

Smallest cousins, 6 months apart.

Best picture we could get of all the cousins!
Harper (7), Cameron (9 months), Henley (5), Graham (3), Miller Kate (3 months), Sawyer (4)

We went out after dinner one night to ride the mountain roller coaster.  This was probably our favorite part of the entire trip.  It was SO fun.  The boys loved it and would have rode a hundred times if it didn't cost a small fortune! ;)

I sat out the first round and snuggled my girl.

Everyone lined up and ready to go.

Sawyer screamed this is terrific as we were flying down the hill.  I was a little surprised at how much they both loved it!

This is part of the coaster - it's all lit up and goes up the mountain and back down.

Snacking on some fudge and walking around downtown Gatlinburg.

Love this family picture we snapped!

We  hit up several arcades over the couple days we were there.  It's always a favorite.

We did some shopping while the kiddos played putt putt.  Keith snapped this pic after Saw got a hole in one!

Enjoying a movie in the theater room at our chalet.  Not pictured: smores and hot chocolate.

Ready to head home.  After a quick stop at the outlets.

It was such an awesome time and I'm still bummed I didn't get a group shot.  We had good intentions but it seemed like someone was always missing or napping or something.  Hoping we can make this a yearly trip!


Allison said...

Such cute pictures!

Kathy Jo said...

It's ALWAYS special when we can all get together!!! I agree that this should be a yearly trip!! I, too, wish a group shot was made but maybe one at Thanksgiving isn't out of the question!!!