Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas || 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas. And it was especially memorable since it was Miller Kate's first.  It was so fun having a few girly toys to open this year. :)  Among a sea of boys toys: it was a very Ninja Turtle Christmas, and Batman, and weapons and super hero's, and transformers and ALL things boy!  I love that.  But I also really love that now we'll have both!

Christmas with kids is so fun.  It's so magical and I love their innocence and excitement about every single thing.  The boys were at particularly fun ages and I enjoyed this Christmas season so much.  There were times I felt like I was being drug along by the sheer busyness and the desire to do so much but we also savored nights at home watching movies.  The boys got really into Home Alone this year and we probably watched a portion of it every night for the month of December.  They are still playing Home Alone and reference the movie all the time.

One of my favorite memories from this season will also be snuggling my precious girl at night in the glow of the Christmas lights.  Christmas decorations make a home so cozy and I loved it.  I am rarely apart from her and am constantly holding her and trying to soak her in but it still feels like it isn't enough.  With all three really, time moves so, so fast!  But I know ultimately that is a HUGE blessing!

There is so much to share.  So many pictures to include here in this space so they are captured in our yearly memory book.  So I hope to be back over the next several days.  First up, some random fun we had the week leading up to Christmas.

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