Thursday, December 18, 2014

Decking the halls

We've had our house all decorated for several weeks but it's taken me that long to snap and post some pictures.  Nothing beats a cozy decorated house this time of year.  Sitting at night with the tree all lit up is my favorite.  There have been a few nights where I've just been sitting holding MK as she sleeps with the glow of the tree and I think that will definitely be a favorite moment of this particular season.  It reminds me of Christmas 3 years ago when Graham was a baby and snuggling him the same way.  Gosh, time really does go so quickly.

Speaking of, I could cry looking at this picture.  I can very distinctly remember Sawyer's first Christmas 4 years ago and him helping me decorate.  He was just 10 months old and it was then I realized there is no better kind of Christmas than the kind with young children.  The magic and joy they have this time of year is contagious!  And here we are 4 years later and he is taller than his little tree.  And I must add, much more helpful! ;)

The boys have loved helping this year and they are the best little helpers!  

They loved hanging ornaments on our big tree.  We only broke 3 and they could all be glued so I consider that a success!

Andddd, just to keep it real.  This is what is going on here 99.9% of the time....

They are just playing but it is almost impossible for them to not be rough housing.

Our crooked grinch tree. Ha, guys at the tree farm drilled the hole crooked and wasn't anything we could do....

Our Auburn tree in our playroom

Graham's tree

Sawyer's tree

The boys move the present every morning to help us count down to when Santa will be coming.  I love their excitement!

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about this season! Love seeing all our friends and family!

Keith whipped me up this snowflake from some old pallet wood.  He's so handy and I love it!  So nice to be married to someone who can make anything!

I love this vintage Santa in the window!

Santa won't stay standing up! :/

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