Wednesday, December 31, 2014

four christmases {kind of}

We have lots of family so we had lots of celebrations that we crammed into a couple days.
We started off with the Jackson's first.

Christmas Eve we went to church and then came back to our house for a simple little get together.  We changed up this year because we didn't want Christmas Eve to be too rushed or stressful.  We wanted to be able to enjoy doing all the fun stuff with the kiddos.  But it was nice to still see family for just a little bit and we let the cousins exchange their gifts.  We went Dollar Tree style this year and it was great.  They all loved picking out things for each other and wrapping them up.  And no one will feel bad if those things find there way to the trash eventually. ;)

Christmas night we went to my sisters to do Christmas with the Baker's.

We celebrated with the Bragg's the day after Christmas.

We loved being HOME to celebrate with family this year.  And it was so awesome to be able to celebrate with family and friends but then go back to our own house!  Ha.
We were all blessed with so much this year.  We are so grateful!

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