Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miller Kate || 5 months

Dear Miller Kate,

Goodness, I cannot believe you are already 5 months old.  And you are truly the happiest baby.  You are always smiling and are very friendly even with people you've just met!  You have the cutest little laugh and are very ticklish.

From what I can tell at home you weigh close to 17 lbs and around 25 inches long.  You are wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 3-6 month size clothes.  You can wear bigger sizes too.  You are definitely a healthy girl and I love all your rolls! :)

You nurse every 3-4 hours - sometimes more and sometimes less.  Since I'm with almost all the time we're able to just follow your lead and it's working great!

You are the best sleeper too.  You are basically sleeping through the night most nights.  You are usually ready for bed between 9-10 and will sleep till around 6 am.  You usually take 1 good nap a day for around 3 hours and then several cat naps depending on what is going on.  It's harder to have a schedule being the 3rd baby.  But you are very go with the flow and and don't seem to mind.

I had to travel for work this past month and was gone 2 nights.  It was awful being away from you and your brothers and your daddy but we all survived!!  We had quite the time getting you to take a bottle while I was away.  You gave your daddy fits and it took about a day and half before you finally tolerated the bottle.  BeLLa was a huge help and helped us determine you like your bottle very warm and you prefer to drink them facing out.  High maintenance girl!  You were probably the happiest one to have me home!  I got home around midnight and immediately scooped you up to nurse you and you latched right on and never even opened your eyes.  Warmed my heart so, so much!  The next morning when you saw me it was like you couldn't smile big enough!

You rolled from your belly to back this past month.  You love sitting in your bumbo and looking around.  You are starting to hold toys and chew on them. You love sucking your thumb and I have to say it is so darn cute!  You are starting to jibber jabber and seem so proud to hear yourself talk.  You still really like the swing. 

I could go on and on about you.  We are head over heals in love with you.  All of us!  I'm not sure how we ever lived without you!  

I love you so much, baby girl!


Some pictures of you at 5 months:

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