Sunday, December 7, 2014

Northpole breakfast

Guess who showed up yesterday?!

Every year our elf, Theo, shows up with a big northpole breakfast.  We never know when it will be and it's always a fun surprise.  The boys were hoping he was coming soon because they've seen their cousins with their elf and kids at school with elves.  So they are super pumped that's he here now!  He made them mini pancakes and brought them a present.  He also set up our nativity scene to remind them of what Christmas is all about.  He's already been up to some tricks but he keeps pointing us all back to Jesus!  

We are all loving Theo and the excitement he is adding to our Christmas season!

side note: you know I wanted them to wear some cute Christmas jams to this breakfast but they are LOVING some ninja turtles so I thought who really cares...this is about them, anyway! ;)

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