Wednesday, December 31, 2014

our little merry christmas

Wrapping up the Christmas posts with some pictures of just our little family from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  We decided we wanted to just be low key and hang around home and just be us for a little bit and it was so nice! 
We continued our tradition of new pj's on Christmas Eve.

Throwing out the special reindeer food we made.

Putting cookies out for Santa.

We all piled in our bed and read the story of Christ's birth.  We moved MK to her bassinet and let the boys fall asleep in our bed before moving them to their beds.  Here they are all sleeping soundly.

Santa came!

MK was the first one up so we took some pictures while we waited on her brothers to get up.

Could eat her up I love her so.

The boys were so excited after they woke up.  They couldn't get down the stairs fast enough and tore right into the presents Santa left.

They were so helpful with Sissy's presents.

We spent most of the morning just hanging out, watching A Christmas Story on repeat, playing with new toys, snuggling, snacking.  It was perfect!  I decided this year that Christmas morning after presents in my favorite.  It's so relaxed and everyone is so happy! 

We had a wonderful Christmas - the entire season was so enjoyable.  And the greatest gifts I'll ever receive are piled on that couch. 

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