Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter program at school

The boys had their winter program at school and it was adorable!
They both sang 2 songs and recited a poem with their class.  Then the entire school (2k-4K) sang a song.  They both did great.  Sawyer was really into it and did all the hand motions and sang his little heart out.  Graham was adorable - his class held snowflakes and he was entertaining himself with his snowflake.  Ha.  He lifted it above his head and showed his little belly - pretty adorable!

All of our family came to watch them too!  We are so glad we now have family close that can celebrate these things with us and be there for our kids! :)

I'm not sure there is anything more precious than children singing about Jesus at Christmas time.  It almost made me emotional watching them and just thinking about how good God is!

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Jennrob said...

How cute! Jack had a play at his school & I had to pinch my goober-butt to keep from crying.
Where do they go to school?
I love your Christmas card!