Tuesday, December 29, 2015

a wet christmas

It rained several days in a row over Christmas and there is only so much inside we can handle.  After climbing all the walls in our house, I finally turned them loose in the rain.  It was obviously not cold, just wet and they loved it.  And I loved watching and having them outside for a few minutes. ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

our Christmas

We had the most wonderful Christmas.  The boys were so into it this year and it was magical.  We watched Christmas movies every night and sang Christmas songs every time we rode in the car.  Their little voices singing is something I never want to forget.  Keith and I recorded them singing a good bit while in the car because we just couldn't get enough!  They loved everything this season, decorating, counting the days, Theo, making our own wrapping paper, asking lots of questions about Santa and tracking him on Christmas Eve, and so much more!!  Of course, they loved all the presents too!  But we read the Christmas story several times and talked a lot about Jesus being born.  We also attended the Christmas Eve service at church together as a family and the candle light will always be my favorite part of Christmas.  Watching Saw lift his hands in worship literally made me cry.  It was such a great Christmas season and I'm a little sad it's over.
Picture overload but I already have a hard time keeping up with the blog so it was just easier to lump all our celebrations into one.
We started Christmas Eve with Keith's side of the family.  We attended church Christmas Eve and then headed home for a low key night.  After dinner we put our cookies for Santa, sprinkled reindeer food and read the Christmas story.  Then it was bedtime, which is always challenging in our house! ;)
Santa came and we had the best time Christmas morning seeing what all he left.  My favorite part was their matching jammies, especially MK's.  I made them all and loved how hers turned out!!  Santa left the boys a 4 wheeler and they were super excited.  An unexpected hilarious moment was when Graham was sitting on it and gave it some gas and crashed right into the coffee table in the living room.  Never a dull moment.  My Mom, Bob and granddad came by to visit and see what Santa brought the kiddies and watched them ride their new toy.  It didn't take them long to learn.  And it was super warm on Christmas day!
We had Christmas that afternoon with my dad and Kathy and then dinner with my sister, aunt and momo.  We ate and played games and chatted and it was a really good time.  It was a great ending to a great Christmas day.
We spent the next few days resting, playing and taking down Christmas decorations while getting ready to head to Gatlinburg for New Years!
We headed to my Mom and Bob's the following afternoon to do Christmas with them.  And then had dinner and played dirty Santa with that side of the family (aunt, cousins and granddad).  It was another fun day of celebrating with all the people we love.