Monday, January 26, 2015

Miller Kate || 6 months

Dear Miller Kate,

6 months old!  Wow, I'm not entirely sure how that is possible but the calendar is assuring me it's true.  Time is flying!  There aren't enough words to describe how much joy you've brought us all.  We are all so in love with our little sister and you just eat it all up.  So laid back and easy with the smiles! It's so bittersweet watching you grow.  Obviously I'm so thankful you are healthy and thriving but it all just goes too fast.  

We are entering one of my favorite baby stages.  You are becoming so alert and starting to play with toys and jibber jabber.  You'll be sitting up soon, which you so desperately want to do.  You love sitting in the bumbo, high chair or exersaucer.  You want to be able to see what is going on.  You are in your swing less and less, thinking soon it will be time to pack it up.

You weigh around 17 lbs from what I can tell at home.  You are moving into 6-9 month clothes and wearing size 3 diapers.  You nurse every 3-4 hours.  No set schedule since we spend all our days together!  You had your first taste of cereal this past weekend and you liked it. 

You are our best sleeper yet!!  We moved you up to your room about a week ago and you've done great.  You were running out of room in the bassinet.  You go to bed between 8-9 and usually sleep until between 6-7.  You occasionally wake up during the night but it's not too often anymore.  You usually take 2 good naps during the day, morning and afternoon.  You are definitely attached to your thumb and it's still the cutest thing ever!

You are definitely loved hard...your brothers can't get enough and between them and me and daddy, someone is constantly kissing you.  It is such a joy to be your mommy and I'm incredibly grateful that God picked me for you!

I love you so much, precious girl!

Here are some pictures of you at 6 months:

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