Thursday, February 26, 2015

February fun

I wanted to share just a couple pictures of some February fun before we roll on into March.

Little cutie wearing one of my dresses! This never gets old to me, it's so special and this one was perfect for Valentine's!!

LOVE this bonnet - we are ready for some warmer weather and lots of sunshine.  Can't wait to see her in bonnets all spring and summer!

Daddy (and brothers) bought her some flowers for her first Valentine's.  Lucky girl with him and 2 brothers who constantly dote on her!

tradition of family style Valentine's day.  This year was heart shaped pizzas.

We got a tiny bit of snow.

Doing some reading. ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

check up & chatting {5 years old}

Sawyer had a great 5 year check up.
He weighed in at 44.8 (75%) and was 42.5 inches tall (50%).
He is really starting to look so grown to me - sometimes I look at him and can totally see him at 15 but I can also still see him as a little 2 year old too.
Such a blessing to watch him grow!
I am so so proud of him!

We do these interviews every year on their birthdays - well, once they can actually talk. :)
We also video them so we can always remember their sweet little voices!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Miller Kate || 7 months

Dear Miller Kate,

You are 7 months old and this is one of my very favorite baby stages!! You continue to be such a happy, special little girl.  You are such a light to our family and bring us all immense joy!

It's so fun to watch your little personality start shining through.  So far, you continue to be very laid back and super smiley.  You will always crack a grin, usually as quick as someone looks at you or talks to you.  You love to sit up and are still a little wobbly but are getting better every day.  You roll from your belly to your back but haven't rolled from back to belly.  You are close!  You playing with little toys and try and grab anything you can get your hands on.  And everything goes straight to the mouth.

You weigh around 20 lbs and are about 27 inches tall.  You are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  You don't have any teeth yet.  You are jibber jabbering but not saying any words yet.  You have officially found your feet and are constantly grabbing at them.  It's the cutest!

You are the best sleeper!  Much better than your brothers were at this age.  You go to sleep anywhere between 6:30-7:30pm and you wake right around 6 every morning.  You take 2 really good naps - morning and afternoon, usually a couple hours each.  You are still nursing around every 4 hours or so, about 5 times a day.  And I nurse/rock you to sleep every night and it's my favorite time of our day together!  It's so special to me!

You've been eating baby food for about a month, just once a day.  You seem to like it okay, but I wouldn't say you love it.  So far you've had sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, and banana.  I would say carrots and bananas are your favorites now.  Apples and pears are up next.  I'm making it all now and we'll just continue to go through all the fruits and veggies.

You love your brothers and they are constantly all over you.  Trying to give you kisses and make you laugh and you seem to enjoy it!  I'm still so thankful I am able to spend all my days with you!  You are a great little "co-worker"!

I love you, pretty girl!  More than I ever thought possible!

Here are some pictures of you at 7 months:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

5th birthday party {ninja turtle style}

Sawyer's birthday requests for this year were Ninja Turtles and a bounce house.  We delivered on both accounts and I loved it.  I think I'm also creating monsters because he is getting really into all the details and is pretty specific about what he wants.  I let him look through ideas on pinterest and he basically told me what he wanted from invitations to favors to the cake to his birthday shirt.  It was fun to do it together!

His invite I created - he was super proud of the pictures on the back! Easier to take pictures of him when I tell him to dress and act like a ninja turtle! ;)


Some decor

Some pics of the party guests.

It was quite a rough party with a bunch of 5 year old boys.  We had a bloody nose (Graham) and 2 head injuries (Graham again and the one pictured here).  

little friends minus a couple we had already left before I thought to snap a picture.

It was such a great party! 
And most importantly Sawyer thought it was awesome and that is all that mattered to me!