Monday, February 16, 2015

5th birthday party {ninja turtle style}

Sawyer's birthday requests for this year were Ninja Turtles and a bounce house.  We delivered on both accounts and I loved it.  I think I'm also creating monsters because he is getting really into all the details and is pretty specific about what he wants.  I let him look through ideas on pinterest and he basically told me what he wanted from invitations to favors to the cake to his birthday shirt.  It was fun to do it together!

His invite I created - he was super proud of the pictures on the back! Easier to take pictures of him when I tell him to dress and act like a ninja turtle! ;)


Some decor

Some pics of the party guests.

It was quite a rough party with a bunch of 5 year old boys.  We had a bloody nose (Graham) and 2 head injuries (Graham again and the one pictured here).  

little friends minus a couple we had already left before I thought to snap a picture.

It was such a great party! 
And most importantly Sawyer thought it was awesome and that is all that mattered to me! 

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