Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday || 2 bottom teeth

{barely peeking through if you look real close}

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Miller Kate || 8 months

Dear Miller Kate,

You are 8 months old.  I have no idea how because I would swear you were just born last week!

You had quite the month with lots of first.  First tooth (now have 2 on bottom), first word (dada), first hospital stay :(, first ear infection :(, first time to ride in front of the shopping cart, rolled from back to belly and you've started clapping.

You are still a really good eater.  You nurse about 5 times a day still.  Every 3-4 hours.  You are eating baby food twice a day - lunch and dinner.  You seem to like most it but your favorites are apples and sweet potatoes and peas.  You do not like broccoli or lima beans!  I gave you some puffs the other day and you thought it was neat to pick them up and feed yourself - a few made it to your mouth.

You are the best sleeper - praying this continues forever!! Ha.  You take 2 great naps - morning and afternoon, usually around an hour and a half.  You go to bed between 6:30-7 and most nights sleep about 12 hours.  I rock and nurse you to sleep at night and usually for your naps too.  But if you are sleepy we can just lay you down and you'll go to sleep on your own.

You are wearing all different size clothes - some 9 months, some 12 months and even a couple 18 month things.  You are moving into size 4 diapers.  You weigh around 19 lbs. and are around 27-28 inches long.

You love to sit up and are getting really good.  You love to sit in the floor and play with toys.  You also still love the walker and your exersaucer.  No signs of crawling yet but you are starting to roll more and more.  You love to jibber jabber and clap.  You love watching your brothers and they LOVE you!  You are a momma's girl and don't want me to get too far out of your sight.  You still really, really love your {right} thumb.  It's adorable!

You are so happy and smiley and squishy and lovable.  Just perfect! And we all love you more than you will ever know!

Some pictures of you at 8 months:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sick baby

Our sweet girl has been sick.  She's actually doing much better now but last week she was in pretty bad shape.  It started Wednesday afternoon and came out of no where. Late that afternoon she coughed a couple times and it was that distinctive barky, croupy cough.  I told Keith and commented on how totally random that was because she hadn't shown any signs of being sick or not feeling good.  
I put her to bed around 7 like normal and she was fine.  Around 9 she started whining, which is unusual because she is a great sleeper, rarely waking during the night.  As soon as I walked into her room I knew something was wrong.  I could hear her wheezing.  I scooped her up and hurried out to the garage where Keith was.  I was kinda starting to panic.  We got out the humidifier and stood over it and walked outside but it was pretty warm.  We'd been down this rode with Sawyer and knew that she was having stridor (trouble breathing) which some kids develop with croup. 

I texted my sister to meet me outside and listen to her and she called one of our neighbor/friends who is a pediatric nurse to come listen to her.  She said she was moving air and her lungs sounded okay but the stridor was pretty bad and we should head to the ER.  I'd already called the after hours number for our doctors office and when the nurse called back she advised the same thing.

So, Shan came over and stayed with the boy and Keith and I headed to the ER.  I won't tell you how fast Keith was driving but it was fast!!  I was praying so hard for our girl and also for our protection getting there because we were flying and I was unbuckled hovering over her seat.  

When we got to the ER they took us straight back.  They immediately gave her an epinephrine breathing treatment and told us they would have to monitor us for 2 hours.  They also gave her an oral steroid and took an x-ray of her airways to rule out a foreign object.  Which I was glad because I had partially convinced myself she could also be choking on something.  The meds helped but she was still working hard to breath and couldn't get settled.  About 1.5 hours after the first treatment they decided she needed another one because she was still having the stridor.  The second treatment helped tremendously.  She finally relaxed and could breath easily.  Easily enough that she was finally able to start sucking her beloved thumb again.  Bless it.

But if you get 2 treatments you are automatically admitted for observation.  So, we got to our room around 2am.  We got settled and then Keith headed back home.  He wanted to be at home when the boys woke up and to get them off to school.  It was a long night.  MK still didn't sleep good and wouldn't let me put her down so we just snuggled in the recliner.  Keith got back up there around 9:30 and we just hung out until we got discharged around 3 o'clock.

Some pictures of her first (and hopefully only!) hospital stay.

Seeing my girl sick was heartbreaking and so scary. 
I'm so, so grateful she is getting better and in the grand scheme of things this was minor!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

a daughter

It is such a wonderful thing to look back at your life and see God's on hand it.  To see that he truly does give you the desires of your heart.

When I was pregnant with Sawyer, I really wanted a boy.  I'm not sure why.  I think partly because I was a major tomboy growing up and partly because I wanted one of those "momma's boys" everyone talks about.  And I was thrilled to learn he was in fact, a boy.

When I was pregnant with Graham, I was torn.  Thinking how it would be nice to have a daughter and experience all the baby girl world offers. But with the close age gap to Sawyer thought brothers would be so fun.  And I kinda liked being the only girl in the house.  So, learning he was a boy felt perfect for us.

When I was pregnant the third time, I really wanted a girl! Mostly because almost 4 years into motherhood I was starting to see a little more long term and had begun thinking about how my mom is one of my best friends and how I longed for a relationship like that in the years to come.  And also, a third boy might have killed Keith and I. ;)

I am so in love with this baby girl.  She is just like a big breath of fresh air.  We are only a few months in but I know because of her we will get to experience so much more.  From doing hair, to having baby dolls in our house, to teenage hormones, to wedding dress shopping and beyond.  So many things I never even realized I wanted to experience until I had her.   

And it feels perfect that she has 2 big brothers to love and protect her.

Friday, March 13, 2015

February phone pics

1. cookie date with Sawyer 2. happy girl 3. baby in her bonnet 4. co-worker 5. future Huskies 6. found her toes 7. Sawyer's bday party 8. party details 9. more party pics 10. opening a birthday card together
 11. enjoying some ice cream 12. little helper

1. He's FIVE 2. birthday fun 3. celebrating Sawyer 4. snoozing 5. Gra enjoying Saw's birthday present 6. Valentine goodies for school 7. little love bug 8. parties at school 9. Valentine crafting 10. still loves her thumb 11. Cooper! 12. hanging out

1, jumping rope with Harper 2. her first Valentine 3. Valentine donuts 4. making a footprint ornament 5. visiting Momo & Pop 6. Meeting little Anthony 7. being silly 8. birthday lunch with mom 9. baby snuggles 10. getting ready for big boy school 11. playing 12. breakfast date

1. reading at the library 2. playing at the library 3. sunday funday 4. little sidekick 5. reading 6. happy buddy 7. practicing for school pics 8. modeling her new bandana bib 9. batman 10. snow day 11. cousin spend the night party 12. smiley girl

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sawyer's first soccer game

With Sawyer turning 5 recently we decided it would be good for him to play some type of organized sport this spring.  He is very athletic and loves playing all sports in the yard at home and he was excited to play as part of a team.  We let him choose between baseball and soccer and he chose soccer this year.  He's been so excited about it.

 His first practice/game was this past Sunday.  They practice for 30 minutes doing drills and activities and then play a game for 30 after practice.  He did so awesome.  He scored 3 goals and had the best time.  Keith is helping coach and that was really fun for them both!  It was such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  We are all really looking forward to the season!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HT pics with the dads

The stadium has officially been torn down.  But we headed back the day before they began the demo to snap a couple pictures of the kiddos and Blake and Keith.  They will share the same alma mater. These will be fun to drag out in about 10 years!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Miller Kate's nursery {gold, cream, white and peach}

I finally finished up Miller Kate's nursery and I couldn't love it more.  A lot of love went into this room and all the details and it's one of my favorites spaces in our home.  
I wanted to share just a few pictures.

This room was joint effort with my mom, for sure.  She helped me stencil the wall and paint the crib, she also made the bedding and the curtains/cornice board.

These shelves are filled with special little nick knacks: some pictures, gifts from people who love MK so much, and even some things that were her daddy's when he was a baby.

The dressers and hutches were mine when I was a little girl.  We painted them a peachy/pink color.

My mom gifted us with this sign she made! :)

It took a good bit of time to stencil the wall - way longer than I was expecting.  But I love the end result and kinda want to stencil walls in every room. Ha.

This crib was the crib I slept in (also my brother and sister) so it's extra special!

I love how their are so many specials things in her room.  Things from my baby/childhood days.
I honestly just love everything about it!

Friday, March 6, 2015

bath time fun

Sawyer is starting to take showers more and more and getting pretty independant with bathing himself with a little guidance.  But Graham, still loves a good bath.  He loves to get warm in the water and will play for the longest time.

I snapped some pictures of him playing in a big, warm bubble bath the other day.

Can't quite get the thumb out for the I LOVE YOU sign but this works nicely when pretending to be spider man!

This kid is such a mess!