Monday, March 2, 2015

class of....

We are loving being back in Alabama and living so close to our family!  Unless we move (which we have zero intentions of doing) our kids will attend and graduate from the same school as their daddy.  I graduated from a neighboring high school.  They recently just built a super nice new football stadium for the high school so they are about to tear down the old one. 

Shannon and I wanted to take some pictures of the kids there before they tear it down.  Harper and Henley attend the same school and their daddy graduated from their too.  

Trying to do the math to figure out when they will all graduate made me feel realllly old! ;)

I can totally see us taking these pictures every few years to see how much they've all grown and changed!

One of my favorite pictures of me and MK.  She is such a great, happy baby!

Graham was over the pictures at this point.

So much fun that these two will be starting school together in the fall!

Crazy crew!

Love these kiddos so much!  

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Kathy Jo said...

OH MY!!!!!! I am just CRYING here at my desk!!!!!!! I don't like to think about these "babies" growing up and graduating High School!!!!!

HE HE and I love the last oic of you all, but especially that little GRAHAM!!!!!!! HA!!!!! I love them ALL so very very much!!!!!