Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Miller Kate || 8 months

Dear Miller Kate,

You are 8 months old.  I have no idea how because I would swear you were just born last week!

You had quite the month with lots of first.  First tooth (now have 2 on bottom), first word (dada), first hospital stay :(, first ear infection :(, first time to ride in front of the shopping cart, rolled from back to belly and you've started clapping.

You are still a really good eater.  You nurse about 5 times a day still.  Every 3-4 hours.  You are eating baby food twice a day - lunch and dinner.  You seem to like most it but your favorites are apples and sweet potatoes and peas.  You do not like broccoli or lima beans!  I gave you some puffs the other day and you thought it was neat to pick them up and feed yourself - a few made it to your mouth.

You are the best sleeper - praying this continues forever!! Ha.  You take 2 great naps - morning and afternoon, usually around an hour and a half.  You go to bed between 6:30-7 and most nights sleep about 12 hours.  I rock and nurse you to sleep at night and usually for your naps too.  But if you are sleepy we can just lay you down and you'll go to sleep on your own.

You are wearing all different size clothes - some 9 months, some 12 months and even a couple 18 month things.  You are moving into size 4 diapers.  You weigh around 19 lbs. and are around 27-28 inches long.

You love to sit up and are getting really good.  You love to sit in the floor and play with toys.  You also still love the walker and your exersaucer.  No signs of crawling yet but you are starting to roll more and more.  You love to jibber jabber and clap.  You love watching your brothers and they LOVE you!  You are a momma's girl and don't want me to get too far out of your sight.  You still really, really love your {right} thumb.  It's adorable!

You are so happy and smiley and squishy and lovable.  Just perfect! And we all love you more than you will ever know!

Some pictures of you at 8 months:

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