Monday, March 9, 2015

Miller Kate's nursery {gold, cream, white and peach}

I finally finished up Miller Kate's nursery and I couldn't love it more.  A lot of love went into this room and all the details and it's one of my favorites spaces in our home.  
I wanted to share just a few pictures.

This room was joint effort with my mom, for sure.  She helped me stencil the wall and paint the crib, she also made the bedding and the curtains/cornice board.

These shelves are filled with special little nick knacks: some pictures, gifts from people who love MK so much, and even some things that were her daddy's when he was a baby.

The dressers and hutches were mine when I was a little girl.  We painted them a peachy/pink color.

My mom gifted us with this sign she made! :)

It took a good bit of time to stencil the wall - way longer than I was expecting.  But I love the end result and kinda want to stencil walls in every room. Ha.

This crib was the crib I slept in (also my brother and sister) so it's extra special!

I love how their are so many specials things in her room.  Things from my baby/childhood days.
I honestly just love everything about it!

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