Monday, April 27, 2015

Auburn A-Day

Auburn's spring scrimmage was a couple weekends ago and we decided to take a family trip to the plains.  The boys are really getting into all things Auburn and love cheering for them and were so excited to go.  Like woke up at 7am and put their jerseys on excited, haha!  And it was MK's first trip to the plains.  Mom and I made her an adorable bonnet to wear and I'm obsessed -- she'll probably be wearing bonnets all the time now.

We had the best day.  We went to Tiger Walk, made it through 3/4's of the scrimmage, shopped and ate at my favorite restaurant in Auburn.  The weather was awesome and we just all had a great time.
We are really looking forward to the fall and finally living close enough to make some Auburn football games! 



War Eagle!!

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