Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We had a wonderful resurrection Sunday.  We celebrated our risen Savior at church and spent the afternoon with family.  

Woke up to some goodies that the Easter bunny left.  The boys were so excited!

They helped show sissy her goodies.

We took some family pictures after church.  Everyone looked so cute, I could barely stand it!

My mom and I (mostly my mom, I just did what she told me to) made MK's dress.  It was pretty much our first go at heirloom sewing and it turned out so beautiful.  My mom is so talented.  MK looked like an angel and it was so special to see her wearing something my mom and I put so much love into!

The cutest boys I know! Gosh, they are so precious!!

4 generations!

I love this picture of GG and MK! :)

Cutest cake that Mary made!

Then it was egg hunt time.  We gave each kid a number and they each hunted eggs with their number on them.  This turned out to be a really good idea and an easy way to keep it fair!

Easter is pretty much the best day ever!

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