Thursday, August 20, 2015

back to school

The boys started back to school last week.  They were both so so excited which took the sting out of it just a little.  I just can't believe the summer is over.  And I really can't believe it's already time for Sawyer to start KINDERGARTEN!  But we had the best summer!  This is the first season of me not working and being with the kiddos full time and I loved it so much!  I don't know exactly what the future holds so I am soaking up every second of being with these kiddos!
Sawyer had the best day!  He was so excited.  He hopped right out of the car and had the biggest smile when I picked him up.  He's riding the bus this week, but thankfully wanted us to take him on the first day!
Graham had a great day too.  He is going to 3k on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1.  He's super pumped to be a carpooler this year! 

Sawyer wants to be a race car driver, baseball player and scientist when he grows up.
Graham wants to be a fireman, police officer and daddy.
There goes a piece of my heart....
Reunited and it felt so good! ;)
He started riding the bus his second day and he's loving it!


Group shot of the elementary neighborhood kids.  We got together a few days before school started to take a picture for the year book, popsicles and to pray over our kids and the upcoming school year.

All the kids minus Graham who had just stepped in an ant bed! ;(  But luckily he was wearing pants so he only got like 2 bites.  He's into dressing himself and most days that means pants even though it 1000 degrees! ;)

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