Monday, September 14, 2015

fall baseball

Sawyer started his first season of baseball last week.  He's been obsessed since last spring and has been so excited to play.  We spent ALOT of time this summer out in the yard playing and he played with the neighborhood kids a lot too.  Keith is coaching his team and is such a great coach.  Popsy is helping coach too so that makes it extra fun!  They didn't win their first game but had a blast and Sawyer did great!  He played first base and got 3 outs, including catching a fly ball!  He only got to bat once and he didn't get a hit.  He was bummed it didn't make it back around to him, so we took him to the batting cages after the game ended and that cheered him up.  We are excited about a fun season and lots of learning!

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Kathy Jo said...

What a FUN and EXCITING day!!!! We enjoy watching him soak up baseball...well, he actually soaks up any sport!!! Just a natural! :) and little brother isn't far behind him!!

Much love to ALL!!