Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I was able to talk the boys into a family costume theme again this year! :) So we chose the Wizard of Oz.  I have to say they humored me a little as they weren't quite as excited as I was! ;)  But they made an adorable tin man and lion!  Sister was the scarecrow and was so stinking cute!!

She made a mess of her face paint! Ha

We were so excited to have Elsa and Olaf here to trick or treat with us this year!!

And 2 Bakers!

The weather wasn't the best for trick or treating as it rained on us the entire time. We made it through a couple streets then headed back home to eat and hang out.

GrandBob had a great costume!!
So did Kai-kai.  This is Henley wearing her costume.  Kaikai scared several people in the neighborhood while she helped pass out candy!  She got Sawyer good!

Trying to get sister to walk!!!  She's so close!

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