Monday, December 21, 2015

some december fun

We've been having the best Christmas season.  We went to the Christmas parade and got enough candy to last us until next year!  No joke!!  It was crazy but so fun, all the kids loved it!
We also made some cookies.  I only have few pictures to document because as you can imagine it was a tad chaotic but we loved it and the cookies were yummy!
We also let the kiddos pick out a present to give to each other and it was so fun to watch them really think about it and pick something special.  Sawyer is getting to the age where he really gets it and picked things he knew Graham and MK would love.  Graham mostly just picked things he wanted for himself. Ha.  And MK had a little help selecting her gifts for her brothers.  We let them open them a few days early so it was special and I'm glad we did.  I loved watching their excitement around this.  Definitely something we will continue to do every year!

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