Wednesday, March 23, 2016

a new niece || Avery Claire

 We were blessed with a new niece on March 10th.  My brother, Sarah and big sister Cameron welcomed another daughter, Avery Claire.  We've been anticipating her arrival for months (wondering if we were getting another niece or a nephew) and we already love her so much!  I was able to go meet her a couple days after she was born and snapped a few pictures!  She's perfect!! And we can't wait to see them all again soon!  And for them to move closer! ;)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Graham's first soccer game

Graham started soccer a couple of weeks ago and watching him and his little team is so much fun!  Seriously, a highlight of my week.  He is doing so great and we are so happy it's finally his turn on the field and that we get to cheer him on!  He's scored quite a few goals and is an awesome teammate and loves helping his teammates score goals too.  He also really loves having Keith coach him. 
Some pictures of his first game! :)

Go Graham!  We love you, buddy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February phone pictures

1. climber! 2. sweet little thumb sucker 3. showing off some school work 4. lunch with Sawyer 5. Happy Birthday to Grandmama 6. sleeping all funny 7. lost another tooth 8. last night as a 5 year old 9. Happy Birthday Sawyer 10. he's 6!! 11. celebrating Saw 12. lunch with the birthday boy at school

1. buddies 2. birthday dinner 3. little shopping buddies 4. cutie with a cart 5. sweet baby girl 6. Valentine party for Graham 7. Graham's school party 8. little loves 9. Saw's Valentines party 10. birthday party for Saw 11. so excited about his Bat Cave from BeLLa and GrandBob 12. first haircut

1. excited to announce baby sister 2. Valentine's breakfast 3. MK's first day of school 4. Miller Kate ready for school 5. first game of the season 6. afternoon hangs 7. TGIF 8. on a mission 9. Happy Birthday to BeLLa 10. Batter up 11. ballpark fun 12. goofing off with a balloon

1. 2nd place in the opening tournament 2. ball players 3. with my girl 4. headed to school 5. picture day 6. sunshine girl 7. last basketball game 8. brother's biggest fan!