Thursday, September 29, 2016

Collins || 3 months

You've now been stealing our hearts for 3 months!  We couldn't be more in love with you!
You are becoming such a good baby and more content by the day.  I still try and hold you every second I can but you will tolerate being put down in your swing or bouncy seat some while awake.  You like to watch the mobile on the swing and your siblings are usually right in your face entertaining you as well. 
You love to smile and laugh.  You are starting to "talk" to us.  We also recently got the bumbo and playmat out for you to start using.
I started back to work last week (so so sad to leave you!) so you got your first bottle and you did awesome.  Way better than your brothers and sister!  And you will officially start daycare next week.  When you get a bottle you've been taking 4oz.  And we nurse 3 other times and sometimes 4 if you wake in the middle of the night.  Which is rare because you are a great sleeper!  You typically sleep 8 or so hours at night and take 3 naps during the day (2 shorter ones and 1 long one).  We are starting to get on a pretty good schedule.
You weigh around 12.5 lbs and I would guess around 22 inches long.  You are wearing size 2 diapers and 0-3 clothes.  Although I just got all your 3-6 month clothes out so you can start wearing those also.
You really like your paci.  You love to be worn in the wrap, thankfully!  You are pretty laid back and just go with the flow but I guess that is 4th baby territory!
We are so blessed you are ours!  You are everything we ever wanted in a precious 4th baby!
I love you so, so much!

You at 3 months: 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Graham - soccer

Graham is playing his 2nd season of soccer this fall.  He is super athletic but so laid back about sports.  He's just out there to have fun!  And drink Gatorade and eat snacks! :)  But he is a great teammate and listens to his coaches very well.  I love getting to cheer him on and for him to have his time where we are all about watching him.  Such a cutie! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sawyer - flag football

Sawyer chose to play flag football this fall after lots of back and forth trying to decide between that and baseball.  He is really, really liking it.  We all are.  It's really laid back compared to baseball so it's made for an easier schedule to manage, which is nice. 
He has learned so much and is doing awesome!  It is so fun to watch Sawyer play sports.  He's very athletic but his drive is what is the most fun to watch.  He is out there to compete and win.  And never gets tired of playing.  And when he's not playing he wants to be watching it. 
I'm so proud of him!  Some action shots from one of his games.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August phone pictures

1. my precious 2. her little hand on my neck 3. watching some baseball 4. sweet brothers 5. snoozing 6. selfie 7. crazy crew at the park 8. snuggling with my girls 9. talking to Momo 10. snuggling a sick girl 11. precious little sister 12. my girls

1. snoozing with daddy 2. lemonade stand 3. summer list lemonade stand 4. MK taking selfies 5. asleep eating popcorn 6. 3 stooges 7. opening his teacher letter 8. cleaning at the dentist 9. MK taking pics while brothers get their teeth cleaned 10. cleaning at the dentist 11. excited to be in the same class with Hen 12. his cubby in his classroom

1. jumping on the donkey 2. biggest grin 3. eye exam for saw 4. MK wanting snuggles 5. progression of a baby smile 6. my crew at Graham's birthday party 7. matching sisters 8. observing 9. poolside hangs 10. back to school neighborhood pic 11. cutest 5 year old 12. celebrating our Graham

1. birthday cupcakes at school 2. sister joined the birthday celebration 3. documenting my days 4. check ups 5. watching sawyer play football 6. snuggles all day

1. first day of school 2. Saw and Hen first day of school 3. cousins heading to school 4. first flag football game 5. tossing the football 6. birthday party fun 7. birthday party fun 8. sweet angel 9. 2 months old 10. sweet friends 11. little sister 12. always in the wrap

Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st day of school

Graham (4K) and Miller Kate (2K) started back to school a couple weeks ago.  They are doing great.  We started a new school this summer so this is their first "school year" at our new school and we are loving it.  Their teachers are precious!  We are so excited to watch them grow and learn so much this year.  It is so bittersweet watching them grow, but ultimately such a HUGE blessing!
 Some pictures from their first day.

Sawyer's school started later this year so he's only been going for a week.  His teacher is the sweetest! And he's especially excited because Henley is in his class.  Hard to believe he's in 1st grade but I know he's going to have an awesome year!

Praying for a great year for these kiddos.  We pray every morning together before school and we basically pray the same basic prayer every morning.  We thank God for each other, we pray for good health and protection, we ask God to help us make good choices, be leaders and be kind and brave.  And we thank God for Jesus.  Then we hug, kiss, say our I love you's and everyone is off to their day.  Mornings are a little crazy around here but it's important to me that we do this every morning!