Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st day of school

Graham (4K) and Miller Kate (2K) started back to school a couple weeks ago.  They are doing great.  We started a new school this summer so this is their first "school year" at our new school and we are loving it.  Their teachers are precious!  We are so excited to watch them grow and learn so much this year.  It is so bittersweet watching them grow, but ultimately such a HUGE blessing!
 Some pictures from their first day.

Sawyer's school started later this year so he's only been going for a week.  His teacher is the sweetest! And he's especially excited because Henley is in his class.  Hard to believe he's in 1st grade but I know he's going to have an awesome year!

Praying for a great year for these kiddos.  We pray every morning together before school and we basically pray the same basic prayer every morning.  We thank God for each other, we pray for good health and protection, we ask God to help us make good choices, be leaders and be kind and brave.  And we thank God for Jesus.  Then we hug, kiss, say our I love you's and everyone is off to their day.  Mornings are a little crazy around here but it's important to me that we do this every morning! 

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