Monday, October 31, 2016

Flag football wrap up

Sawyer's first season of flag football wrapped up last week.  He LOVED it.  He is super competitive and his team finished the season in 2nd place.  They were such a fun little team and all learned and improved so much over the season.  It was so fun to watch Saw learn and play a new sport.  And as always little brother and sisters were troopers tagging along.  They found there way to an old baseball field during the tournament and had quite the time! haha.

Blurry because I was cheering but he caught a long pass and was so pumped!!

Touchdown.  Saw is fast!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soccer wrap up

Another soccer season has come to an end.  Graham had tons of fun playing and we loved cheering him on.  He has such a playful spirit and we were so proud of how well he listened and what a good teammate he is.  He was such a little cutie out on the field.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Loving lately

Just some pictures of some things I am LOVING lately.
My 2 girls!  I cannot get enough of these sisters. 
They are my best little friends and a dream come true!
Auburn football and wearing our Auburn gear to support our tigers!
Collins' bassinet bedding that my sweet Mom made is so pretty! 
I'm planning to keep her in there for at least a few more months!! :)
Miller Kate is such a little momma and she always grabs her baby doll and sits beside me while I nurse Collins.  She also loves to burp and shh her baby (Collins).  And she always makes sure she has her cell phone beside her.  Ha! 
Graham LOVES legos!  And making Collins smile!
And I am always loving my 4 precious babies!  Even when I have to argue with them and bride them for a not so great picture! ;)  They are my entire world!
We are headed into the best time of the year and I'm so looking forward to the next couple of months and all the excitement and magic and togetherness it will bring!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September phone pictures

1. ready to cheer on the tigers 2. matching sister 3. we love Auburn 4. smiling from an Auburn win 5. I never want to forget how she sleeps sucking her thumb and her foot hanging out of her crib 6. trampoline park fun 7. bouncing fun 8. bouncing fun 9. wearing my littlest 10. sweet big sister
11. touchdown sawyer 12. taking care of her baby

1. my favorite thing to do 2. happy girl 3. playing his iPad 4. completed summer list 5. ready to jump in 6. visiting with friends 7. swim play date with some of our favorites 8. littlest friends 9. lunch with Saw 10. being silly 11. cute cousins 12. lunch dates

1. first soccer practice 2. passed out 3. precious in an outfit made by mommy's friend, Whit 4. build a bear for Hen's birthday 5. build a bear fun
6. cousins fun at the galleria 7. first soccer game 8. feel asleep snacking 9. little buddies after bath 10. MK was here...yuck
11. picture day 12. soccer practice

1. surprise party for Aunt Sarah 2. Happy birthday Sarah 3. selfie with Harp 4. Cam and MK 5. cousins 6. cheesing before church 7. Collins' first day of daycare 8. Collins' taking along for Graham's field trip 9. Graham loving on Cooper

Monday, October 3, 2016

3 month comparisons

All 4 babies at 3 months!
Gosh, all so different yet all so similar!
So incredibly blessed to be their mommy and so very thankful for all the wonderful things that make them uniquely them!

The even babies getting poked on by their big siblings.
Love hurts! ;)