Thursday, December 29, 2016

Elf Magic

Our elf Theo showed up with a buddy this year.  Her name was Libby and we loved all the magic they brought to our holiday season.  We were all a little sad when they had to leave and head back to the North pole.
We took pictures every morning of all the fun they got into!

1. playing football 2. toilet paper snowmen 3. find the candy canes 4. playing memory 5. swinging 6. brought a choo choo to decorate 7. underwear on the fan 8. wrapped the potty 9. making elf smores 10. wrote on the mirror 11. bubble bath 12. pooping ;) 13. rolled the kitchen 14. playing pie face
15. repelling 16. crashed the green car 17. fishing 18. reminding us the reason for the season!

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