Friday, December 30, 2016

Jolly Jackson Christmas

We had such a fun Christmas.  I cherish these years where the Christmas spirit and magic is strong!  I love the entire month leading up to it and we squeezed every ounce of festiveness out we could.  Lots of Christmas movies, Christmas light looking, Christmas song singing, parties, school programs, books, counting down, crafting, etc.  You name it, we did it!

Lots of pictures below of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Lots of little traditions:
new matching pj's on christmas eve
sprinkling reindeer food
leaving cookies for santa
family pic christmas morning piled on the couch
my sweet Granddad stopping by christmas morning to see what Santa left (not pictured but he's done this my entire life!) and now the kids grandparents do the same.

The mess from Christmas morning is one of the best messes ever!! 
I'm so thankful for the mess and chaos Christmas with 4 kiddos brings! 

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