Monday, December 19, 2016

School Christmas Programs

Kids Christmas programs are one of my favorite things ever!  There is seriously nothing cuter than hearing precious kids sing, especially about the birth of Jesus.  I'm SO thankful I still have several years of watching my kids do this.  And hopefully lots of grandkids one day to watch! :)

Saw's program was so cute.  Him and Henley are LOVING being in the same class.  I'm so thankful they are, they've grown so close.  Also, this is the 2nd time (other time was picture day) Sawyer has worn blue jeans or something "cute" all year.  He is not a fan.  He wants comfy (Under Armour/Nike) clothes every day. Ha.  But he loved singing and doing the moves and was so cute to watch!!

Graham ROCKED his program.  He was one of the leaders for his class and he sang his little heart out.  I was so proud!  His school has matching shirts made for each class and I loved them!

They both had quite the audience with their grandparents and siblings watching! 
The time of year is just the best!!

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