Wednesday, January 18, 2017

December phone pictures

1. biggest/littles cousins 2. she found her feet! 3. McWane with Saw and Hen 4. fun on their field trip 5. ready for the iMax 6. loved spending the day with my buddy 7. excited to be at the Auburn game (actually from November, whoops) 8. snoozing during dinner 9. riding the carousal 10. brothers on the carousal 
11. Northpole breakfast 12. snuggled with his elves and looking like a little boy for a moment!!

1. cuties ready for church 2. tree all decorated 3. happy baby 4. cutie 5. date to the dollar store to pick gifts for his siblings 6. excited he found a football 7. date to pick gifts for his siblings 8. my happy place 9. happy heading to church 10. birthday party horse riding 11. birthday party horse riding 12. visiting with Santa during PJ day at school

1. with nonnie and popsy after his school christmas program 2. sister wanted a picture with nonnie 3. with BeLLa 4. so proud of our buddy and how awesome he did during his program 5. Graham and his 4k teacher Ms. Westbrook 6. buddies at the AU game (in November, whoops) 7. BeLLa surprised MK at school 8. Santa sent Graham a letter 9. GrandBob and Collins opening gifts 10. Christmas chaos with BeLLa and Grandbob 11. sleepy heads playing with the elves 12. crashed hard eating her chips

1. lounging with his iPad 2. she's out 3. the best part of 2016 4. annual sibling gift exchange 5. tree catastrophe - caused by some elves and a curious little boy 6. Christmas Eve service 7. ready for the candlelight service -- my favorite thing! 8. baby's first christmas 9. cool experiment our elves left for us to do. 10. snoozing in her bloomers that were mine when I was a baby 11. some footprint art of all my babies! 12. Christmas morning nap

1. 2. 3. first taste of baby food, pictures by Sawyer 4. rocking my girl 5. 6 month check up 6. selfie with Saw 7. silly face selfie with Saw 8. getting the hang of baby food 9. all smiles 10. always so happy. 11. matching precious sisters on NYE 12. my 4 favorite blessings ever!! 

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