Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ringing in the new year

We had the best New Year's.  It was one of the most fun times we have had in a while.  We started off bowling with friends and the kids loved it.  They ate pizza and bowled and were loud and crazy and we all loved it.  Collins was such a little trooper and mostly slept the entire time while I wore her, which I loved!!  Then we all headed back to our house for some snacks and fireworks.  It was rainy but we made the most of it.  The dads set up a tent at the end of our driveway and had more fun than the kids shooting off fireworks!!  The kids loved being up under the porch and doing sparklers and pop its.  MK was not a fan of the loud fireworks and prefered to watch from the window and be held by anyone willing!  We did a balloon drop and sparkling grape juice toast at 10pm and then called it a night shortly after.  The boys told me it was the best party ever and they wanted to do the same thing every New Year's. :) 

So excited to see what this year holds for our family.  We are so blessed and I'm looking forward to just enjoying our full life this year and appreciating every moment! 

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