Thursday, February 2, 2017

Collins || 7 months

Dear Collins,
You are 7 months old.  Still a teeny tiny happy little peanut.
This is my favorite baby stage.  You are sitting up really good and so smiley and happy!  Grabbing your feet and starting to develop your little personality!
I would guess you weigh around 17 lbs and are around 27 inches tall.  You are wearing 9 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  You nurse 3 times a day and take 2 bottles while at daycare (around 7oz each).  Nursing/eating about every 4 hours.  You eat baby food at dinner time and are starting to get the hang of it!  We've worked our way through most of the stage 1 foods.
You are still a really good sleeper!  Although the past week or so has been a little rough.  Mostly because you just got a new tooth on bottom and you have a little cold.  But you typically take 2 long naps - morning and afternoon - about 2 hours each.  You usually go to bed around 7:30pm.  I usually scoop you up and feed you again around 10 and put you back down.  You wake right around 6am.  I still rock/nurse you to sleep every night and every nap time I'm with you too!  It's my favorite!
You are still liking your paci.  You like playing with it now and putting it in your mouth and pulling it out.  You chew on everything you can get your hands on.  You have 1 tooth on bottom.  You jibber jabber all the time.  You have said dada and mama in the middle of your jabbering.  Maybe we'll go with mama as your first word. ;)  Your hair is really starting to grow in and it's adorable how it sticks up everywhere!
You love to watch your siblings and they are constantly in your face loving on you and entertaining you!  If you can see me you will cry until I come pick you up, which doesn't take long.  But if I'm not in the room or your can't see me then you are content to play.
We are starting to transition you from the bassinet to your crib in the room you and Miller Kate will share.  So far, we haven't had much luck.  You both have had colds and haven't been sleeping as great as you normally do so you keep waking each other up.  But we'll keep trying.  I would be fine to keep you in our room forever but you are outgrowing the bassinet.
We love you so very much!  And adore you and are constantly fighting over who gets to hold you and carry you and get your toys, etc.
Love you more than you'll ever know!
Some pictures of you at 7 months:


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