Thursday, March 2, 2017

Collins || 8 months

Dear Collins,
Still hard to believe you are 8 months old.  But I can hardly remember a time without you!!!
This was a big month for you with lots of first!.  First tooth (now 2 on bottom), first words (mama and dada - basically started saying them both at the same time!), first time in your crib (and sharing a room with your big sissy), started using high chairs when we are out to eat and sitting up front in a buggy, first sick visit at the doctor (minor ear infection).
You love to jibber jabber and are pretty talkative.  You also love to sit in the floor and play with toys.  You still love to sit in your exersaucer and walker.  But you still mostly love to be held!!  You are chew on everything.
You nurse/take a bottle about 4-5 times a day.  When you get a bottle at school you take about 6-7 oz.  You are eating baby food twice a day and starting to eat some snacks too (puffs, veggie sticks, graham crackers).  We are slowly starting to give you some table foods.  You are pretty good at picking up food and eating it.  Your favorites foods seem to be fruits but you will pretty much eat anything so far.
My guess is you weigh around 16 lbs and about 27 inches long.  You are wearing size 4 diapers and 9 month clothes.  You have been the best sleeper but we are regressing!  Thinking it's a combination of your teeth, a cold, growth spurt, sleep regression???  I'm not sure but praying it passes quickly.  It's making you and MK sharing a room a little challenging since you are getting up at least twice a night.  You still take 2 naps a day - morning and afternoon.  Usually about 1.5 hours.  You go down around 8:30 and wake around 6:00.
You are super duper happy!  And have the sweetest little smile -- you smile with your whole face and it's adorable!  You love your siblings and tolerate ALOT from them.  They just love you so much and are constantly touching you and in your face.  You are very ticklish!  You are little peanut! The smallest of your siblings by far but I love it!
We are so grateful for your life and love you more than words can say!
Here are some pics of you at 8 months:


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