Friday, June 30, 2017

Collins' 1st birthday party

We had such a sweet celebration for our little 1 year old this past weekend.  I didn't do a specific theme but just used lots of mint and lavender, flowers, bunting and paper fans.  I love how simple and sweet it all looked.  It was mostly just family but it was a great time to get together and love on our girl!!  She wasn't a big fan of her cake -- all the attention made her cry -- bless her.  It was so bittersweet planning my last "first birthday" part but how blessed am I to have been able to plan 4 of them! 
Love our little Collins so, so much!


Guru Indonesia said...

hbd collins!
hope u are well
best regards,

Navigator said...

very nice!

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thank you,
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David Sebastian said...

Happy birthday Collins, love that decorations
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salmanribathul said...

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